Who will break the rules first! pls don't

These rules are the basic things that everyone should be able to understand. Note that additional rules may be added at anytime since I may not have addressed all actions that may be considered inappropriate.

Rules are as follows:

  • Absolutely no forms of harassment. No comments made about anyone's race, heritage, beliefs, customs, nationality, or sexual preferences. This will result in a strong warning and depending on the severity, an instant ban for the offending player(s).

  • The use of hack, modifications, and exploits used to give yourself an unfair advantage. This included the use of any form of Xray, PvP mods, and hacking clients. Punishments may result in a severe warning, a temporary ban, or a permanent ban from the server.

  • Destroying, altering, or stealing from other players builds in the server. You may not take or destroy anything that is not yours without permission from the owner of them is that is applicable. Offences for this will result in warnings, temporary bans and permanent bans depending on the severity and frequency of offences.

  • Additional rules will follow as people give me a reason to add more. So don't and play nice. Enjoy the cake.